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Curious about our projects? Part 2

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The Leadership Transformation Journey

OBJECTIVE: Unlock the willingness of leaders to change their leadership approach: from results oriented (only) to results oriented and caring of people; connect the new leadership mindset with new corporate values.

DESCRIPTION: Launch the project with a workshop aimed to align the core development team on the “WHY” and “HOW” of the initiative and co-create the scaffold. Create a pilot to fine tune the program. Facilitate a program for different levels in the organization and countries. Each program includes: pre-work by the participants (journal-ling about their way of leading using pre-defined questions and activities) + 2 days workshops aimed to: understand the business needs for a leadership mindset change; understand (by emotional experience) why the new behavior is important; learn and practice peer coaching technique to solve individual cases taken from the journal-ling exercise + Learn and practice 4 listening and conversation levels; Discussion about what we want to “let go” and “let come”; future Backwards Journal-ling practice; Core qualities activity to learn how our core quality can become a treat if pushed too much and how to cope with it. Harvesting of the learning. After the workshop, the participants prototype new behaviors and reflect on it during facilitated follow up calls. This practice of new behaviors needs time and after some months they participate to another workshop where, all together, they learn from their experience on the field and they create the foundation to make this change lasting over time.

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