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HR purpose, strategy & road-map

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We are often engaged by clients to facilitate workshops with Regional HR teams to co-create the HR Purpose, strategy and HR road map.

The 1st day we make sure the group is aligned in terms of intention and than we start a discovery journey using 2 main questions:

  • Which is your current situation in terms of external context, business, corporate culture organization, talents, team? 
  • What are your company blind spot and systemic challenges? 

We help the group to have a systemic view by using 3D Mapping with Lego Serious Play methodology, reflect on the Corporate Culture by using Core qualities methodology and much more.

In this way we identify the challenges and the How Might We questions for transformation and by clustering them we identify the main strategic pillars.

The second day:

  • we help the group to co-create a WE DREAM using Art4Transformation approach and metaphors
  • the team than brainstorm on the initiatives to be created, re-adjusted or creatively distroyed for each strategic pillars and works on a initiative/business case template
  • all the initiatives are than evaluated based on a impact/investment matrix and placed on a timeline using a "spider web" approach
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