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Employee Engagement, Team Effectiveness, Organization Development Journeys - Our project cases

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The employee engagement journey

OBJECTIVE: Listen employee’s feedback on the company, understand their level of engagement and give them the opportunity to propose and co-create improvement actions impacting the main engagement drivers

DESCRIPTION: We had a first step of alignment with the management team about the “why” and the “how” of the initiative by facilitating a workshop with Art of Hosting approach, than we launched an engagement survey and after having collected the results we have made sense of the data in a workshop together with the management team. During this workshops we used participative techniques to facilitate dialogue, we practiced future visualization and we did some activities aimed to bring up issues that are usually not verbalized. In the second workshop the management team defined the main improvement areas they want to focus on. We also trained the managers to cascade the survey results to all employees. A mixed group of white and blue collars have participated than to a world café - a facilitated group session aimed to gather collective intelligence and co-create ideas and action plans for the future improvements. The company finally organized teams around the main improvement areas and the teams developed and executed the improvement ideas, having the possibility to have regular consultant support and facilitation.

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The team effectiveness journey

OBJECTIVE: Support the management team to improve the effectiveness of working together, by overcoming the main dysfunctions of a team.

DESCRIPTION: We had a session of alignment with the executive team on the “WHY” and “HOW” of the initiative; Every 2 weeks we had half a day workshop on the main causes of dysfunctions in a team and the afternoon we facilitated peer coaching sessions (or individual/couple coaching sessions if needed). Every session we had one hour of preparation of the next one and a de-briefing with the MD about the previous one. In addition to the workshops we are now proposing also a discovery journey aimed to collect ideas for improvement on the way the team work together and on the impact this can have on the company + 0.5 day workshop for sense making of the information collected; the management team creates prototypes of changes and participates to recurrent advancement and retrospective meetings (4 half day workshops) + run self-managed peer coaching sessions

The Organization Development Journey

OBJECTIVE: Involve the management team, HR and key change agents to perform a discovery journey to understand the impact of organizational changes and new development activities needed.

DESCRIPTION: Interview the core team (CEO + HR + OD), prepare and review the discovery journey toolkit and plan, launch the project with a workshop aimed to align the participants on the “WHY” and “HOW” of the initiative. Involve the Management team, Change agents and HR/OD in a discovery journey (using an ethnographic approach) aimed to listen the people and observe the organization with open mind, heart and will (1:1 interviews, focus groups, field observation, shadowing etc). 1 day workshop with the participants to make sense of the information collected (using design thinking approach). Prepare a communication toolkit to cascade the info to the people interviewed about the main results. Create teams to generate ideas for solutions and execute them with recurrent moment of facilitated advancement discussion and retrospective meetings + expert advice when needed.


Managing Director at Marco Polo Consulting

Giorgia spent most of her HR career in senior positions in corporate HR in Europe, US and Asia with companies such as Fiat Group and The Nielsen Company. In 2008 she founded Marco Polo Consulting, a company specializing in Organization development/HR/Transformation professional services operating across Asia-pacific. She delivers facilitation, coaching, training, advise, OD temporary management. Recently Giorgia has been HR and Organizational Behaviors EMBA Adjunct Professor at MIP/Tongji University in China. She is a subject matter expert for Employee Experience re-design and innovation by collaborative approaches such as Design Thinking, Lego Serious play, Art of Hosting, Graphic Facilitation. She is currently based in Singapore.

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