• We strongly believe that meaningful, engaging, collaborative and innovative working environment

    will result in happier people and better business results.

    We help Organization and Leaders to achieve this in our V.U.C.A/Digital Era.


  • WHY

    In the V.U.C.A (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) and Digital era, the way we do business, we organize,

    we lead and manage people needs a profound transformation.

    This gives us a great opportunity to work better and in a more meaningful way.

    Join us in a transformation journey

    As individual, team or organizations

    We strongly believe that purposeful, engaging, innovative working environment will result in happier people and better business results.


  • What We Do

    We are facilitator of transformation, when this involves people and organisations.

    We help companies and teams to be more innovative and agile

    and to improve the employee experience journey at work.

    Whether you’re an ENTREPRENEUR, a BUSINESS or HR LEADER 

    here you find a sample of the amazing journeys we can go on together:


    Business, Organization & Innovation

    transformation journey

    Is your organization experiencing a change such as: business model, integration, acquisition, joint venture, top leadership change, business scale up or consolidation? Are you questioning about the evolutionary purpose? Do you want to create a innovation-friendly corporate culture?


    Depending on the evolutionary stage of your company we can help in:

    • M&A and departments integration
    • Corporate culture transformation 
    • Employee engagement transformation 
    • Cross-cultural transformation
    • Going Teal transformation 
    • Innovation centric organizations
    • "Start up" & "Scale up" organizational development
    • Digital transformation: trend & implications, transform the business, the people, the organization
    • On demand transformation journeys

    Leadership transformation journey

    How do you think is the level of leadership in your organization? Are you preparing the leaders to be effective also in the V.U.C.A era? Is your development approach pull or push?

    • Leadership Training: Lead Self, Lead Results, Lead people and teams, Lead change & innovation,  Lead for the future. 
    • Action learning
    • Leadership transformation journey  (for mindset change)
    • Alternative Leadership Academy

    Team transformation journey

    Does your team need help because there is low level of trust among people, there is not healthy conflict, there are silos thinking and the team does not achieve results?

    • Team assessment (Hogan)
    • Team coaching
    • Team effectiveness journey (to improve the way the team work together)
    • Team bonding with art
    • Team development with Lego Serious Play
    • Business partnering for results - team

    Individual transformation journey

    Do you need individual support to achieve your purpose, goals and develop your competencies?

    • Individual assessment (Hogan)
    • Individual coaching
    • Career coaching
    • Onboarding coaching
    • Cross-cultural coaching
    • Leadership & Executive coaching
    • Business partnering for individual results
    • Peer coaching
    • Innovation & creativity "sparring partner"

    HR transformation journey

    Is your HR department supporting the improvement of the employee experience at work? Is it helping your company to evolve for the future? Do you have an integrated HR system?

    • HR strategy
    • Workshop for HR Purpose, strategy and roadmap definition
    • HR & OD Audit
    • HR & OD Business partnership / temporary management
    • "IntegHRate" system design
    • Design thinking for employee experience improvement
    • Peer to peer HR 

    Facilitation for dialogue & Innovation

    We facilitate meaningful conversations and innovation with: Art of Hosting, Lego Serious Play, Graphic facilitation, Theory U, Design thinking, Agile approach

    • Strategy workshop facilitation
    • Multi-stakeholders dialogue facilitation for synergies and integration 
    • Community dialogue and facilitation 
    • Complex problem solving meeting facilitation
    • Communication meeting
    • On demand facilitation meetings


    Learn more about our innovative approach for Corporate Culture Transformation and for Individual Development!


    Is it possible in a complex business environment to continue using the same efficiency approach or we need to shift to a CREATIVE one? we at Marco polo Consulting we believe that a mindset shift is strongly needed and for this reason we have created an innovative approach using ART4Transformation.


    We have developed several Art Based Inspiring sessions on Leadership and we also develop ad hoc projects for Organization where the Corporate Culture has to transform and ignite more passion and innovation. We facilitate workshop to inspire creativity in your team.




    Call to action

    Download our training list & if you want to know more send us an email at: gmadonno@marco-polo-consulting.com

  • HOW

    We facilitate meaningful conversations

    We explore the field with you

    We co-create the infrastructure for a better working environment

    We fast prototype and test innovative solutions



    What differentiates us

    * Systemic/integrated approach

    * Focus on strategy and implementation

    * Western/eastern cross-cultural expertise

    * Ability to unlock the energy to evolve

    * Blending "state of the art" methodologies:

    Theory U, Art of Hosting, Design thinking, System Thinking, Teal Organization, Positive psychology, Theory of complexity, Agile, Art for creativity, Lego Serious Play@, Art4Transformation&creativity@ and much more

  • Our ecosystem

    We have the flexibility and care of relationships of a local boutique company

    and the international capability of a global ecosystem





    Peoplerise is a catalyst, developer and facilitator of innovative transformation projects that involve people and organisations. We create safe spaces and social processes where the improvement is driven through an exploratory and experimental dialogue, with deep people involvement. We always respect the Client’s business objectives. For us, leadership is horizontal; innovation is emerging; change is a U process; process improvement is multi-stakeholder based; team building is capacity-building; engagement is performance.


    Knowmads Business School Amsterdam is a place where entrepreneurial behaviour starts with the person. Who are you, what is your dream, what do you want to bring into the world or what do you want to change. In your world or the world around you. From that starting point, together as a tribe, we decide what we need to learn. Based on the idea head (knowledge), heart (feeling) and hands (action) we get in workshops we need as a group and as individuals to work on our own projects or on assignments of companies. By doing so we work together, co-create together, and make use of what is there (in the different, international young professionals between 20 and 35 year old) and make our own program and planning. Everybody has a passion for something. What we try to find out what is their passion burning for, and we facilitate, empower and enable these young people to shine and make things happen

    Website: www.knowmads.nl



    We write software that makes culture scalable.

    Our Murmur product is a sophisticated in-house staff engagement and survey tool.
    We provide a world-class survey that can be customized to suit your organization. This is combined with a powerful, intuitive dashboard and analytics engine. You can survey all your employees, or "pulse" survey different employees every day. This gives a real-time view of engagement in your organization - a view that is not possible with traditional, annual reviews. Website: www.cultureamp.com




    Beside SA works hands on with you to shape the future of your business and your leaders. We partner with you to reinvent: Your company strategy and governance; Your HR, Organisation and Leadership; Your customer - supplier alliances
    Our clients are large multinational companies operating in the following industry sector: pharma, food, banking, security, government, chemicals, high-tech, luxury goods, transportation, packaging, flavor and more.
    Trust the Future, Dare to Transform
    Website: www.beside-consulting.com

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  • Our events

    See here our current events & news

    Art4Transformation & Creativity - Free Video Session

    Current Event

    Marco Polo Consulting has created a new approach using art to facilitate transformation and develop creativity.


    Write us and email at info@marco-polo-consulting.com with your name, organization, role and the code A4T&C and get a free video session of one of our workshops.


    We believe that art has a profound and subtle power of transformation for personal, leadership and creativity development and that people through art experience can become more sensitive, emotionally aware, fulfilled and creative.






    Art for Christmas

    A special gift idea

    Marco Polo Consulting is proposing a creative idea as Christmas gift. Check out more here!








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  • Social Impact

    Yes! We want to contribute to make the world better. Our intention is to equip people with our transformation and leadership approach as much as possible, so we can all together make world and life better and to use it in any social field of application each of us feel called to. For us the calling is on 3 main fields: 1) our own human transformation and development 2) organization transformation for a more humanized and meaningful working environment 3) society transformation through community art for a more inclusive, caring, open to dialogue society, especially for people who are at the margins and youth leadership. Here some of our current pro-bono social projects

    Pulau Ubin & Living Fisher village

    Balik Kampon

    In Pulau Ubin there is the last Living Fisher Village in Singapore. We think that the preservation of the Kampong Life as Cultural Heritage is important and we are supporting together with our partner Artsolute (www.artsolute.asia.com) and Living Fisher Village (https://www.livingfishervillage.com/) the aging local community with art and facilitated dialogue events.

    Yishun Community Hospital

    Community Art

    Time spent at hospital can be very stressful and sad. We think art can help and we participate to community art activities organized by our partner Artsolute (www.artsolute.asia.com). Every Saturday patients are involved in art activity. This helps them to release stress, spend meaningfully their time, socialize, feeling cared, bond with their family, become more independent and increase their self-hestime. This project aims to be a first prototype for further application in Singapore Health System

    Ulab Singapore Hub

    Build leadership and community for transformation

    We live in a time of disruptive change. How to activate our capacity to lean into the emerging future may well be the most important leadership challenge of our time. How do we cultivate curiosity, compassion and courage in the face of prejudice, anger and fear?
    MIT developed a method called Theory U, for leading such change in business, government, and civil society contexts worldwide.
    many hubs around the world are born to promote social change and new way of leading using this approach. Singapore Hub is one of them and we want give our contribution to a better world promoting initiatives of social change.
    We are a Growing Community creating awareness-based social technologies for change makers around the world. @Marco Polo Consulting we are helping to co-lead this group and we support facilitating sessions of learning on U theory. The aim of this group is to: Keep learning and practicing together the theory U
    Promote the knowledge of theory U in order to create a positive movement of people driving change for the common good; Prototype individually or together actions to make our society better, based on personal and collective interests. Share with like minded people experiences, issues, learning and grow together. To know more: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ULabSGHub/


    UTheory Public Training

    1st session in Singapore!

    The Singapore Ulab Hub conducted its first public session/training about U Theory. We helped to co-facilitate and do some Graphic art. We were overwhelmed by requests for participation.

    Lego Serious Play

    @ Singapore Ulab Hub

    Defining the intention and the next step for a community it is not always easy. A session of facilitation with Lego Serious Play can help to facilitate a dialogue and fine a common vision. This is what happen in March 2017 with the Singapore Ulab Hub.


    Art exhibition for social good

    Rise funding for Assisi Hospice

    With our partner My Art Space (www.myartspace.com) we contributed to rise funding through art for Assisi Hospice in Singapore


    Reintegration of PME at work 

    Triple Helic Platform

    We just started to support a project aimed to support the reintegration at work of experienced Professional Managers and Executive who lost their employment in Singapore. This project uses a systemic and multi-stakeholder approach and aims to match three systems 1) Small and Medium Enterprises needing support to solve problems or perform activities of Value 2) unemployed PME 3) a community of Design Thinkers supporting the PME by using D.T. to create the value proposition for the SME's problem. Our role is to coordinate the Design Thinking Community and to be part of the first prototype to test the model.

    Mentorship to Artsolute

    Creating a Caring & Active society through the Arts

    Artsolute is a fantastic Non Profit company based in Singapore since 2011. The vision of ARTSOLUTE is to raise a caring and active society through the arts. This is through activating young people to lead and participate in projects of community development, cultural exchange, and psychosocial intervention. Goals:

    • Promoting creativity and imagination in all environments

    • Empowering youths by matching skills, knowledge, interests and capacities with others’ needs

    • Developing knowledge and resourcefulness through collaboration and exchange

    • Bringing the arts and creativity to those who need it most;

    We believe in their cause and we support them by providing management mentorship and participating actively to volunteering activity they initiate. To know more: https://www.artsolute.asia

    Art at community center

    Involving young volunteers in community work, give the opportunity to local community members to spend a meaningful afternoon by doing art, bond multi-generations, instill the passion for art... all this at community center with the Art activity organized by Artsolute and with the volunteering participation of Marco Polo Consulting

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