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The culture for Innovation Journey - Our project cases

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• Develop a culture of innovation

• Develop mindset and equip employees with tools/methodology (MHW Design Thinking approach)

• Create the leadership and organizational conditions to develop a culture of innovation

• Move from a vertical to a horizontal/diffuse/project style leadership approach

• Develop proactivity, courage, vulnerability acceptance and self-permission to ask for support

• Develop mindset and capability for co-creation to embrace and facilitate collective creativity


Making innovation becoming part of the Corporate culture is a long journey. It requires the right organization, the right leadership, being able to apply innovation methodologies, develop the right mindset, having the people with the right profile for innovation and much more.

What are we doing?

1) A one year journey aimed to:

  • Develop and train ambassadors on innovation and MHW Design Thinking
  • Create momentum, recognition and sponsorship for innovation prototypes
  • Create awareness in employees about HMW Design Thinking and innovation in order to create a common language and mindset with crash course on MHW Design Thinking
  • Involve cross-functional teams in MHW Design Thinkin projects on “functional challenges” facilitated by the Ambassadors
  • Creating a community of innovators with monthly activities to continue to learn, share, help each other in the journey

Change does not happen because we are told to do it or because we are given “tools” for it. Change starts when:

  • We are able to answer the question: WHY DO I NEED TO CHANGE?
  • We create conditions for change at a deeper level, leveraging on motivation and intention to change; 
  • We become able to overcome our “immunity to change” understanding the contradicting forces which hold us back

2) This is what we are doing with the leaders to facilitate a Leadership transformation to support innovation:

  • Launch the project with a workshop aimed to align the core development team on the “WHY” and “HOW” of the initiative and co-create the scaffold. Create a pilot to fine tune the program. Each program includes: 
    • Pre-work by the participants (journaling about their way of leading using pre-defined questions and activities) 
    • Assessment, understanding of the current culture and leadership style and identification of the type of people which could better drive a culture of innovation in the company. Re-engineering and development  actions on the team to support the transformation.
    • 2 days workshops on the needed leadership change to create the inner conditions for it
    • 1 session of Lego Serious Play to reflect on co-creation and collective creativity, asking questions like "How do you imagine an innovative organization? Which are the factors influencing my creative contribution and of my team? What actions can I put in place to overcome barriers?
    • The practice of new behaviors needs time and after some months they participate to another workshop where, all together, they learn from their experience on the field and they create the foundation to make this change lasting over time.
    • After the workshop, the participants prototype new behaviors and reflect on it during facilitated follow up calls and will attend another 1 day workshop of practice and reflection.


Managing Director at Marco Polo Consulting

Giorgia spent most of her HR career in senior positions in corporate HR in Europe, US and Asia with companies such as Fiat Group and The Nielsen Company. In 2008 she founded Marco Polo Consulting, a company specializing in Organization development/HR/Transformation professional services operating across Asia-pacific. She delivers facilitation, coaching, training, advise, OD temporary management. Recently Giorgia has been HR and Organizational Behaviors EMBA Adjunct Professor at MIP/Tongji University in China. She is a subject matter expert for Employee Experience re-design and innovation by collaborative approaches such as Design Thinking, Lego Serious play, Art of Hosting, Graphic Facilitation. She is currently based in Singapore.

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