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Lego Serious Play

Explore its magic with us

The general assumption is that LEGO bricks are meant for kids. Actually not only. LEGO developed Serious Play® to enhance innovation and business performance centered on concepts that originated more than 20 years ago. They define Serious Play as “play with an explicit purpose.” It’s about imagination, exploration and preparation, not implementation. Based on research which shows that hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, LEGO Serious Play methodology deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue – for everyone in the organization. It is designed to connect purposes between the organization and the individual and break habitual thinking.

How we do use it in corporate setting. Here some examples:

1. REAL TIME BUSINESS STRATEGY helps the management team to answer those questions:

* Who are you (company) today and who you want to become (your current status A and your desired status B)?

* Where are you? (the environment from A to B);

open a dialogue and set simple guiding principle that can help the team to make decisions, when it is not obvious what to do

2. REAL TIME STRATEGY FOR TEAM, helps the team to become a better and more effective team. The team by building model and sharing the meaning answer these questions and activate a deep dialogue: Which is your individual identity? Which is the spirit and nature of this team (the team-life)? what is your relation to the team-life? What is your relation to the other team members? How this team is connected; How this team work together and how this impact the team-life; How do you respond as a team to the emerging future?

3. LSP BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS and SWOT analysis: are you familiar with these to models? Yes? now imagine to build each component of them with Lego, share your meaning to the others, listen their Lego model story and build a shared model on which everybody agree, and, on top of it, do this very serious thing having fun . Here you are.

And much, much more:

  • corporate culture
  • individual career purpose
  • company purpose
  • individual network
  • any complex topic, issue where you need collective creativity, dialogue and/or decision making

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Managing Director at Marco Polo Consulting

Giorgia spent most of her HR career in senior positions in corporate HR in Europe, US and Asia with companies such as Fiat Group and The Nielsen Company. In 2008 she founded Marco Polo Consulting, a company specializing in Organization development/HR/Transformation professional services operating across Asia-pacific. She delivers facilitation, coaching, training, advise, OD temporary management. Recently Giorgia has been HR and Organizational Behaviors EMBA Adjunct Professor at MIP/Tongji University in China. She is a subject matter expert for Employee Experience re-design and innovation by collaborative approaches such as Design Thinking, Lego Serious play, Art of Hosting, Graphic Facilitation. She is currently based in Singapore.

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