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Visual Book summary -"The Employee Experience Advantage"

· Visual Book Summary,Graphic art,Employee experience

Book by Jacob Morgan

Visual by Giorgia Madonno

In a world where the talents war is more and more fierce and a great customer experience become critical to win the competition, companies need to create working environment where the employees want to work (not just need to work). A great employee experience will contribute significantly to a great customer experience.

Based on a research conducted across regions and industries and counting a significant number of companies, it emerges that the most important element impacting the employee experience are a compelling purpose, a good technological and working environment and corporate culture.

Take a moment and try to list down 3 positive memories in your employee experience happened during your career life and than 3 negatives. The way you think to your working experience is based on specific moments you have been living, isn't it? Most probably you have been thinking to your first day of work in an organization or a discussion with your manager, or what your colleague in HR (or your manager) has offered when they proposed you for a working experience abroad. Employees do not cluster their experience by silos, processes or systems (people development, talent acquisition etc) as we do usually in HR departments, but think to their experience as you just did, by important moments in the journey.

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