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"Visual" book summary" - The Innovation-friendly organization

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Book by Anna Simpson

Visual by Giorgia Madonno

Explore the five cultural elements that organizations should develop and support to enable innovation. Each of them will improve the ability to uncover and listen to a wider variety of perspectives, generate and recognize new ideas, explore the possible implications and applications, and speed the emergence of new practices. They are: Diversity (for renewal, through the exchange of different perspectives", Integrity (to support each other to bring their whole self to their work), Curiosity (for creative experimentation, embracing aimlessness and risk), Reflection (to approach change with the care it deserves, Connection (for strength to face the ultimate "sledgehammer test!"

"Put your fortress under siege and its weaknesses will quickly be revealed, in other words, you can build the walls, but if they actually keep everything out you'll be in trouble"; Diversity brings more resilience, creativity, collective intelligence, cultural agility and innovation.

Integrity to our purpose, ideas and purpose brings critical thinking. The enterprises need it but their culture usually promotes conformity as this brings efficient replication. But how about creativity and innovation ? Focus on strength, embrace difference, promote authenticity and create a safe environment for dissent are some possible actions...

How to stimulate the curiosity needed for innovation? making space for adventure; making the mind wonder; designing offices for fresh thinking; prototyping; looking outside of ourselves, playing and learning from mistakes

Innovation is critical in the V.U.C.A era, but do we really always need speed? Is it a call to action or more a call to reflection?

How to avoid the fear and distress associated to change in innovation-friendly organizations?
Through "CONNECTION" with the purpose and with other people. This means creating a space where people work well in teams. Compassion, Emotional Awareness, Psychological Safety are some of the critical components to achieve it.

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